Biomedicine and Nutrition Research Network

Prof.ssa Anna Petroni

Anna Petroni, PhD, since 2006 is the Head of Biomedicine and Nutrition network of Research, via Paracelso 1, 20129 Milan, Italy
As a Professor her main teachings are/were at the Schools of Pharmacy, Medicine, Biothecnolgy, Toxicology at the University of Siena and Università Statale Milano, Italy, for PhD students, Schools of Specialization post degree and different degrees. Teachings of Phisiology of Nutrition, Clinical Pharmacology, Experimental Pharmacology et al. She was Postdoc at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and had a Fellowship at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Veterinary college, Uppsala, Sweden.

Scientific research
Lipid and metabolic alterations in neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders. Development of nutritional and therapeutical strategies for the health, prevention and treatment of long-lasting disorders. The results of these studies have led to patents, publications, clinical trials. A clinical trial, and related patent, has led to a therapy used by patients affected by neurodegenerative disorders.

American Society for Nutrition (ASN), Sclerosi Tuberosa Association (AST)International Society of Neuroscience, SINUT.