Biomedicine and Nutrition Research Network

What we do

The purpose of Biomedicine and Nutrition, a nonprofit association, was to create a network of laboratories to which clinicians, researchers, patients, whose research is directed towards the understanding of dysmetabolic and neurodegenerative diseases.

Many neurodegenerative pathologies, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, are well-known and studied, but there are many more, less known. An example is the leukodystrophy that may occur with central nervous system degeneration, which has been studied in recent years by the research networks of Biomedicine and Nutrition.
The causes of these diseases and clinical manifestations are very different but many metabolic mechanisms are common and still unknown, the purpose of Biomedicine and Nutrition is to clarify their understanding to improve their therapy.

To treat these diseases is a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach, nutrition therapy is a key aspect.

In recent years, particular attention has been given by the participants of Biomedicina and Nutrition to research nutrition components and their development for a possible use in therapy. Applying nutritional therapies is paramount in long-term pathologies such as those described above for which traditional drugs over time can develop serious side effects. The results of the research were presented under Expò 2015 (Food Mind and Wellness, Food Mind and Wellness, Banni, Aloisi, Paroni, Petroni, July 2015, Milan, Italy).