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Dietary treatment: Adrenomix (2009)


Lorenzo’s oil is the most important nutritional therapy for patients with adrenoleucodistrophies. His discovery was born out of the extraordinary work of the spouses Oddone, parents of Lorenzo, in collaboration with a network of specialists, among which we recall the late Hugo Moser of the Kennedy Kieger Hospital, Baltimore, USA.

Patients, members of the United Leukodystrophy Foundation Association contributed crucially to the product’s realization (


Lorenzo oil is a mixture of triglycerides whose main constituents are erucic acid, consisting of 22 carbon atoms and 1 double bond (C22: 1) and oleic acid (C18: 1).

The oil, administered to patients with adrenoleucodistrophy, was able to diminish the accumulation of long chain fatty acids (VLCFAs), which is due to the progression of the pathology at the level of the nervous system.

Over the years numerous therapeutic approaches have been developed by researchers all over the world.

In 2012 we proposed a change of Lorenzo’s oil to enhance its effect on the nervous system. The formula was modified by reduction of acid and addition of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) (C18: 2)

By administering this new blend daily to patients, VLCFA accumulation decreased in plasma and in liquor, CLA was measurable in liquor with positive effects on biochemical and electrophysiological parameters at the nervous system level (Cappa et al., A mixture of oleic, Erucic and conjugated linoleic acids modulates cerebrospinal fluid inflammatory markers and improve somatosensory evoked potential in X-linked adrenoleucodystrophic female carriers 2012, Inherit Metab Dis .. 35: 899-907, open access </ em>).


The wording given in the publication, called Adrenomix, was patented in 2009 by Sofedus

The authors of Adrenomix are participants in the network of the Biomedicine Nutrition Association: Prof Cappa, Banni and Petroni.




Another patent was filed in 2007.

Medicament based on monoester of steroids with long chain fatty acids (2007) pub.No. WO / 2007/068434


This patent represents potent drugs that can improve the bioavailability of androgens (testosterone et al.) And decrease their toxicity.

In brief, the testosterone (and other androgens) are esterified with polyunsaturated fatty acids, while in the currently commercial drugs the androgens are esterified with molecules of various kinds, not always physiologically.

These potential drugs are therefore particularly indicated in therapies that require treatments for a long period of time.